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Mintiml Corner Eraser

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  • Mintiml Corner Eraser is the best tool for finishing corners of drywall and will cut you corner sanding time in half. The stainless steel one-piece designs flex to create the perfect 90-degree angle and make for the perfect corner. 

Main Features

  • Perfect Corner Finishing Trowel
    Perfectly used for shaping concrete around internal corners. The anti-slip handle is located at the center of a 90-degree bend in the blade for balance and the ability to apply even pressure to both sides of a corner. 
  • Improve Your Sanding Working Efficient
    Mintiml Corner Eraser will help you finish the job faster, leaving better results in the end. It will also leave you with fewer aches and pains afterward.
  • Less Pain More Comfort
    Ergonomic, anti-slip rubber grips provide exceptional comfort of use. Mintiml Corner Eraser with a comfortable grip ensures long-lasting usage. 
  • Your Work Helper
    The sharp and anti-adhesive stainless steel blade will give you easy and smooth work practice. Mintiml Corner Erasers are designed for all types of experience levels, with no stickers on the blade.
  • Suitable for Internal Corners
    Mintiml Corner Erasers are irreplaceable in the application of plaster in hard to reach areas, makes for more smooth corners and less sanding work needed as corner trowel clears any excess mud.


  • Stainless Steel+Rubber
Product Weight
  • 200G
Product Size
60 X 80 MM
Package Contents
  • 1 × Mintiml Corner Eraser


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.