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Easy Reach Plant Pulley Set

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  • ❤Hanging plant hook, great for hanging ferns, plant pots, plant light, flower baskets and birdhouse and etc.
  • ❤Plant hanging holder, provide reliable support and befitting distance from plants with a tension mechanism.
  • ❤Adjustable, up to 15kg (Maximum) weight load capacity, a great way to get more greenery without taking up space and convenient for you to take care of the plants.
  • ❤Both the clips and lines are good quality and make hanging and adjusting grow light height a breeze. Also, the ratcheting mechanism works smoothly without getting jammed.
  • ❤Compatible with all parabolic and round reflectors, so long as hooks and eyebolts suit. Maximum Extension Length: 35.4inch.


Color: black
Material: PP
weight: 76g

Package Include:

1 OR 3 x Easy Reach Plant Pulley (Optional)


  • Please allow 1-2cm errors due to manual measurement